To the Rescue Helps You Find Balance as a Family Caregiver

Posted on: July 13th, 2017 by Renee Williams | No Comments

Family CaregiverThink about your typical daily schedule for a moment. If it’s mostly comprised of meeting the needs of others – children, spouse, elderly parents, work requirements – we can draw two conclusions. One: you’re a family caregiver, perhaps also part of the sandwich generation (caring for both children and parents simultaneously). And two, you’re overloaded, perhaps on the brink of caregiver burnout.

Providing care for loved ones is highly rewarding, but at the same time, can result in a high level of stress, as the to-do list grows longer and the time available to meet your own personal needs grows shorter. For your own health as well as that of those for whom you’re providing care, it’s crucial to find – and maintain – balance.

To The Rescue, providers of expert in-home care for seniors and disabled individuals in Colorado and Iowa, offers the following suggestions for family caregivers to restore balance to an overburdened lifestyle:

  • Find support. Although it may seem impossible to actually add another responsibility to your schedule, joining a support group (even if just an online forum) can help tremendously with stress relief. It provides the opportunity to discover that others are sharing your concerns and frustrations, and to hear what’s working well (and not so well) for those in a similar situation; and offers you the ability to share your own story too, if you so choose.
  • Schedule breaks. Carve out time to care for yourself with activities that are relaxing and enjoyable: a walk in the woods with the dog, a cup of coffee with a friend, a couple of chapters in a good book. Actually schedule this time on your calendar and adhere to it as faithfully as you would any other commitment. You can only provide the highest level of care for your loved ones if you yourself are being well cared for too.
  • Learn to ask for – and accept – help. Too often, a family caregiver feels as though she needs to handle everything herself, not wanting to be a burden to others. However, the truth is that those who care about you actually WANT to help; but can only do so if they know what you need. Be specific in your requests: “Can you keep my loved one company for a couple of hours on Wednesday while I run some errands?” “While you’re at the grocery store, could you pick up a few things for me?” Begin to graciously accept the unsolicited offers for help that caring friends and family members offer, knowing that at some point you’ll be in a position to return the favor.

To The Rescue is also available to help with professional, trained and experienced in-home caregivers and who can fill in as needed and cleaning services to lighten your load, allowing you much needed time to rest and recharge, and to spend quality time with your loved ones. Call us any time to learn more at 720-851-2100 (Colorado) or 319-826-6068 (Iowa).

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