5 Common Myths About Adult Day Care (Day Habilitation)

Posted on: March 21st, 2018 by Taylor | 2 Comments

Most people do not even realize that Adult Day Care is a service available that supports individuals with disabilities. It helps them more fully participate in the life of our community and make connections with people who are facing the similar barriers to independence.

Adult Day Care, or more specifically Day Habilitation, has a central location where individuals can meet and gather. From that location, there are opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in on-site activities or leave the center to engage in activities in the community. All the activities are planned by professionals in the Human Services field and designed to support participants’ physical and emotional health, promote community engagement, self-advocacy, and socialization.

Myth #1: Only individuals with severe disabilities can participate in an Adult Day Care program.

Adult Day Care serves individuals with a range of disabilities. There is a misconception that Day Habilitation programs are only for individuals who have significant physical or intellectual disabilities. The reality is the service supports people with a variety of disabilities including mental illness such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. The Day Habilitation program offers a safe and supportive environment where everyone is welcome and participants choose what program(s) best support their needs.

Myth #2: It is boring. All the participants do is watch TV and do puzzles.

Adult Day Care Centers are well known for the diversity of programs offered.

Many have meaningful volunteer opportunities. Adult Day Care program participants contribute significantly to our community through their service at local animal shelters, home delivered meals programs that support home bound seniors, visits to nursing homes residents that have no other visitors, and stocking food pantries.

Participants in the Adult Day Care program often do things that we wish we had more time to do! They attend community art and music festivals, take advantage of our beautiful parks and nature reserves, visit towns rich in culture and history, and get the first look at new entertainment venues and eateries.

Myth #3: My loved one is lonely, but their disability makes it impossible for them to meet new people and make new friends.

As we get older it gets harder to make new friends and new connections. Day Habilitation programs are the perfect place for adults to meet new people in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Programming is developed to support the needs for all abilities and interests so there is going to be something for everyone. Human Services professionals on-site and out in the community are there to help new participants feel welcome and get them connected with more seasoned participants who share their interests.

Myth #4: Only people age 18 and older can participate in Day Habilitation programming.

During breaks from the school year, young adults with disabilities have their own Day Habilitation program opportunities. Students between the ages of 16 and 21 who are enrolled in a school sponsored program can enjoy a fun school break while meeting others their own age. The school age programs do not allow non-students to participate so the young people interact only with their peers and staff. Information about the school age out programs is available throughout the year. It is a good idea to do your research to find a program that is a good fit for your child. These programs often fill up early, so plan ahead for winter, spring, and summer breaks. Parents report their children stay active and healthy and make new friends while they get respite from their care giving responsibilities at the same time.

Myth #5: Only people who have lots of money can afford to participate in Adult Day Care programs.

Adult Day Care programs accept a wide range of payment methods. Most accept Medicaid Insurance through the Waiver programs. There are often community grants available to pay those who are unable to pay privately. You might be surprised how little it costs to attend. Usually, the hourly rate is less than you would pay for a babysitting service.

For more information on Day Habilitation services for you or your loved one call click here or email To The Rescue at ttriowa@totherescue.net.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such great information loaded with a good amount of caring to the elderly. The last myths you have discussed likes the most. Keep sharing this kind of article related to senior care.

  2. Tim Yaotome says:

    Thanks for debunking the myth that adult daycares can also support those with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. My aunt suffered from alcohol abuse when she was young and it made her bedridden now as an adult. Reading your article inspired me to find a home care agency in order to not only help her eat, sleep, and clean herself well but also have someone to keep her company during her retirement as well.

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